Starting from 35 years the
AMH value and fertility decrease

The good news for women over 35 years comes from PROFERTIL® female

For women aged 35+ or affected by PCOS,
the AMH-value is crucial.

PROFERTIL® female increases the AMH level when it is too low in women aged 35+ and also decreases the AMH level when it is too high in women affected by PCOS. An AMH value in the green range (approx. 1.0 to below 6.0 ng/ml) indicates conditions are good for female fertility.

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In women 35+ fertility is significantly impaired:
AMH level and ovarian reserve decrease

The AMH value (Anti-Müllerian Hormone) denotes an indicator of female fertility and can be crucial for the success of an IVF treatment. A low AMH level can indicate a low egg cell reserve, because the serum AMH level correlates strongly with the number of growing follicles.*

*Gomez R. et al.; Arch Gynecol Obstet (2016) 293:667–673.

The good news for women over 35:
PROFERTIL® female increases AMH level
and endometrium thickness.

Lipovac M. et al., Gynecol Endocrinol. 2022 Apr;38(4):310-313.

PROFERTIL® female supports a healthy folliculogenesis and regular ovulation: A regular menstrual cycle and ovulation demonstrate the antioxidative effect of PROFERTIL® female inside the ovaries.

A regular cycle with ovulation is an important prerequisite to get pregnant: Regular menstrual cycle and restored ovulation thanks to PROFERTIL® female.

Regular menstrual cycle

Optimization of luteal phase duration after 3-months regimen (defined as days from ovulation to menstruation)

A regular cycle can be easily observed.

Restored regular ovulation

The occurrence of ovulation was improved (dated to day 15 or verified with LH-testing and measured by transvaginal ultrasound).

Lipovac M. et al., Gynecol Endocrinol. 2022 Apr;38(4):310-313.