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Finally pregnant after 9 years

«I am pregnant!!! … what I know for sure is that after 9 years of trying to conceive – including failed treatments and no answers/reasons ever given for my failures – after 3 months of taking these tablets (alongside my husband taking PROFERTIL male), I’ve become pregnant naturally. So ladies, I totally recommend these and please do not lose hope!»

Source: StressNoMore.co.uk

Pregnant after two miscarriages

«My husband and I struggled to get pregnant with our first born, and also in our consecutive two pregnancies, which sadly ended in miscarriage. After our second miscarriage, our pharmacist recommended Profertil. We decided to give them a try because, well, we didn’t have anything to lose. After just one box, I am currently expecting 🙂 I don’t know whether our bean will make it, but I really do feel Profertil helped a lot in facilitating conception. We highly recommend it.»

Source: urbia.de

Pregnant after cycle problems

«My colleague, who is also a Gynecologist Assistant, was experiencing problems with her cycle, but then she took Profertil-Female which managed to regulate it. Today, she told me that she is 4 months pregnant.»

Source: E-Mail

My body functions like clockwork

«My biggest thanks to the manufacturers, researchers, inventors and distributors of this top product called Profertil female. I have been taking it consistently for a good 3 months now. And, my cycles are now in a healthy normal rhythm – I am extremely grateful and proud of my body because it functions like clockwork thanks to the supply of the right nutrients in a selected formulation in such a short time of taking it. As a slim woman with a desire to have children for almost 14 years (!) and a severe follicle maturation disorder (PCOS), I have finally been given a healthy cycle and can hope for our miracle again 🙂

So there really is help out there – even for such a serious case like me!!! I would not want to be without this product any more and feel extremely well cared for with it»

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Great product!

»I didn’t have a menstrual period for a long time. My gynecologist recommended these tablets. I’ve been taking them for 5 months and my period is slowly coming back. These tablets definitely help, and I would recommend them to any woman struggling with similar issues!«

Source: shop-apotheke.at

It worked out quickly

»I just wanted to let you know that I took Profertil female before my second pregnancy and that I was very satisfied with this product. The initial benefit was that it worked quickly. Furthermore, I had no side effects such as nausea or the like. I also had the feeling that the ingredients were good for my overall body.«

Source: E-Mail

The cycle has regulated itself

«The capsules are easy to swallow. My cycle has since regulated itself. My skin and hair have become more beautiful as well.«

Source: shop-apotheke.at

Finally a regular cycle again

«This product is highly-recommended. After several months, I finally got a regular cycle again. It is very well-tolerated by the body. With the addition of Omega-3 fatty acids, women have everything they need. You should definitely take the capsules together with a meal. Always best for breakfast or dinner.»

Source: shop-apotheke.com

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