This will increase
the chances of pregnancy

Create optimal conditions for female fertility

It should be mentioned in advance that PROFERTIL® female is not a prenatal vitamin, but rather a study-proven “fertility pill”. This means: PROFERTIL® female is taken until pregnancy occurs (prior to conception) in order to create the optimal conditions for the mother and child in this period.

The physical health of the woman is essential for successful embryonic development. This also includes balanced maternal metabolism. The better the preparation, the higher the chance of experiencing a successful and, above all, harmonious pregnancy. The study-proven formulation of PROFERTIL® female can contribute to improved embryo quality. This is linked to the fertilised egg cell’s ability to implant in the uterine lining. Clinical studies have demonstrated the fertility-enhancing effect of PROFERTIL® female through to an increased chance of a successful pregnancy.

Possible reasons for poor embryo quality:

Abnormal parameters in sperm cells, such as an increased proportion of DNA breaks which are not visible in the standard ejaculate analysis (spermiogram), can negatively affect embryonic development. This can even lead to miscarriage in the woman.

Reduced egg cell quality, which results from advanced age, hormonal imbalance or being overweight, should also be named as a cause in the same way as genetic embryonic defects and various infections. The chance of having a child is minimised by these limitations.

A study at the Medical University Hospital of Vienna examined and confirmed the supporting effect of PROFERTIL® female. The control group participants received 400 mcg folic acid daily. This makes it clear that in comparison to folic acid supplementation alone, there is also an additional need for the micronutrients which are contained in a balanced proportion to each other in PROFERTIL® female and can have a positive effect on embryo quality.

The summarised study results for PROFERTIL® female in comparison to the control group (400 mcg folic acid):

  • Significantly higher fertilisation rate
  • Significantly higher number of high-quality embryos
  • Improved embryo quality
  • Trend towards a higher clinical pregnancy rate

PROFERTIL® female can reduce risks for the expectant mother and the child:

  • Improved fertility
  • Regulation of the menstrual cycle
  • Optimisation of egg cell maturation
  • Better conditions for implantation

PROFERTIL® female can reduce risks for the expectant mother and the child:

  • Encouragement of embryonic development
  • Protection against spina bifida
  • Supporting healthy development of brain and vision
  • Optimal preparation of the expectant mother
  • Protection against preeclampsia and miscarriage

The intake of PROFERTIL® female:

1 soft capsule and 1 tablet are regularly taken together with water, preferably with or after a meal. The intake period begins when the desire to have children sets in until the desired pregnancy occurs. It should be noted that the product must be taken under medical supervision.

Causes of diagnosed infertility:

The causes of infertility are very complex and affect men and women equally. In particular, we cannot turn back the biological clock. However, there are options to provide some support. For example, the study-proven formulation of PROFERTIL® female.

In women, physiological age according to date of birth and consequently the age of the egg cells, the quality and quantity of which decreases considerably over the age of 30, are among the most common factors for infertility.

In men, reduced sperm quality is one of the main problems that increase with advanced age. The risk of DNA breaks in sperm cells in men increases significantly over the age of 35

Since we cannot turn back the clock, we have to accept these causes and use the best resources in order to fulfil the desire to have children.

Causes of limited fertility in the woman

The causes that can be treated include fallopian tubes that are stuck together, cysts and fibroids as well as hormonal disorders, an affected cycle and hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism (thyroid underactivity or overactivity). Furthermore, there is the disruption of follicle and egg cell maturation, endometriosis (tissue that resembles the lining of the uterus growing outside of the uterus) as well as a disturbed immune system and chlamydia.

Male causes of reduced fertility

Male sterility manifests itself through the deficient formation of normally shaped sperm with good motility i.e. poor sperm quality overall. The ejaculate can be tested with a spermiogram. 

The causes of reduced sperm quality include the consumption of nicotine and alcohol and being overweight, among other things. Varicose veins on the testicle (varicocele), undescended testicles as well as infections or operations on the testicle can also negatively affect sperm quality.

The following factors can affect the man and woman:

If the psychological balance is disturbed, which can occur due to stress, overload, underload or even exaggerated expectations, the desire to have children is unfulfilled in many cases. Cancer, chemotherapy and diabetes can also reduce fertility. Last but not least, genetic infertility is sometimes diagnosed as the cause.

What solutions are available to increase fertility?

Female fertility can be supported in a natural way with micronutrients by using PROFERTIL® female. The study-proven “fertility pill” is hormone-free.

Physicians may propose the following treatments options in combination with diet management with PROFERTIL® female:

  • Hormone treatment
  • Insemination
  • IVF (in vitro fertilisation = fertilisation in test tube)
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection = direct sperm injection in the cytoplasm of the egg cell)
  • TESE (testicular sperm extraction = sperm extraction from the testicular tissue for fertility treatment)

How can PROFERTIL® female help to increase the chances of pregnancy?

PROFERTIL® female can support ovulation so that the egg cells are transported through the fallopian tubes towards the uterus. Furthermore, the intake of PROFERTIL® female can regulate the female cycle and enable the implantation of the egg cell in the uterus. This also applies if clinical signs of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS – disturbance in the female hormonal cycle) has been diagnosed. 

Numerous clinical studies have proven the supporting effect of PROFERTIL® female on female fertility.