What is
PROFERTIL® female?

The study-proven “fertility pill” for a regular cycle with ovulation

PROFERTIL® female is THE study-proven “fertility pill”. Clinical studies have shown the supporting effect on female fertility. PROFERTIL® female should be taken under medical supervision from when the desire to have children sets in until pregnancy occurs.

PROFERTIL® female supports the fertility of women who have the desire to have children, especially over the age of 30.

Thanks to the precisely coordinated ingredients and their active profile, the female body is optimally prepared for pregnancy. PROFERTIL® female is a unique combination of carefully selected micronutrients with clinically proven efficacy for women who want to create optimal conditions for a successful pregnancy in a natural way. PROFERTIL® female can also be taken as preparation and during IVF treatment to support diet management. The formulation can help the female body through the targeted supply of required nutrients and improve fertility.

PROFERTIL® female for a regular cycle with ovulation

During the oestrogen-dominated first half of the cycle, the body takes its precautions for the possible beginning of pregnancy.

This means: The egg cell matures in the ovary and the uterine lining develops. The second half of the cycle is initiated with ovulation on the 14th day. This half is progesterone-dominated. The egg cell travels along the fallopian tube into the uterus. Fertilisation can occur in this way. Progesterone, a luteal hormone, prevents the shedding of the uterine lining. Thus, the continuation of pregnancy is secured in the first days. This process is supported by the study-proven formulation of PROFERTIL® female.

Optimal implantation

Once the fertilised egg cell has reached the uterus, it should implant in the prepared uterine lining. The shedding of the inner lining of the uterus is now suppressed by the constant supply of progesterone. Should this not be the case, the pregnancy could not continue. The embryo is still very sensitive in this early phase. Damage to its genetic material could result in the end of the pregnancy. PROFERTIL® female supports the implantation of the egg cell in the uterine lining.

Why should PROFERTIL® female be taken?

Around 15% of couples with the desire to have children remain childless despite regular intercourse without protection. The cause lies equally with the man and the woman. In this respect, age plays a decisive role. There is a reduction in fertility in women, especially over the age of 30.

Several factors are usually responsible for infertility. There are also only a few days available per month for successful fertilisation. Other important factors, which are not always compatible, include a regular cycle, the maturation of the female egg cell and the male sperm cell as well as ovulation and the implantation of the fertilised egg cell in the uterine lining.

With its study-proven combination of micronutrients, PROFERTIL® female can demonstrably support and increase the chance of pregnancy.

PROFERTIL® female gives the body of a woman who desires to have children what it needs.

Female fertility is a complicated system with susceptibility to interference on many levels, which can change the hormonal cycle. This includes harmful environmental factors that negatively affect fertility. A balanced and targeted supply of micronutrients, for which there is an increased need, is therefore important for promoting all parameters for successful conception and pregnancy.

PROFERTIL® male and female

The combination of these two multiple study-proven products supports couples on their path to having a planned child.

PROFERTIL® female:

Optimally prepares women with a polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and the desire to have children for pregnancy

Improves embryo quality

Increases the probability of successful conception

The study results have shown that PROFERTIL® female is superior to exclusively taking folic acid in terms of improving female fertility.


Improves all sperm parameters relevant to pregnancy

Reduces DNA breaks in sperm cells

Supports successful conception and pregnancy