PROfertil® female

The health of a woman’s body is an important factor for the development of an embryo. The more balanced the maternal metabolism, the greater the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. A study has shown that through targeted dietary management, PROfertil® female can contribute to improved embryo quality. This, in turn, is linked with the ability of the fertilized egg cell to successfully implant itself in the endometrium.

Possible reasons for poor embryonic development:

  • Abnormal sperm cell parameters
  • Reduced egg cell quality – caused by age, hormonal imbalance or overweight, among other factors
  • Genetic defects in the embryo
  • Infections

The supportive effect of the combination of nutrients in PROfertil® female has been investigated in a study at the Medical University of Vienna (Vienna General Hospital). The study was intended to show that meeting an increased need for specific nutrients is important to counteract a situation where there is a deficiency, which may have negative effects on the quality and development of the embryo. A comparison group was given a standard supplement of 400µg of folic acid. The intermediate results of the study show that negative effects may be countered by the supportive effect of PROfertil® female. There is a positive correlation with the number of high-quality embryos, embryo quality and clinical pregnancies. This clearly shows that there is a need for the micronutrients contained in PROfertil® female, in comparison to supplementation with folic acid alone.

Initial study data shows:

  • A higher number of high-quality embryos.
  • Better embryo quality in comparison to embryo quality with a pure folic acid supplement.
  • More pregnancies than with a pure folic acid supplement.