PROfertil® female can bring the woman’s cycle into rhythm.

The chances of a pregnancy are between 20 and 30% in each cycle depending on age, life situation and disposition. For women of 35 and over, the chances per cycle are only about half as great and they decrease further to around 10% on reaching 40 years of age.

An irregular cycle can be a potential fertility problem. Menstruation disorders and menstrual cycle disorders are deviations from the normal menstrual period. The “normal” length of a cycle is on average 23 – 35 days. The transition from normal menstruation to a menstrual cycle disorder is often seamless.

If the cycle is very prolonged, there are few ovulations. If the cycle is very short, there is often a so-called “corpus luteum deficiency”, which generally means that the nidation of the egg cell is not functioning correctly or the egg cell comes loose again after nidation.

The causes of menstrual cycle disorders are varied. They can be caused by organic disorders or hormonal disorders, and mental strain (e.g. stress) can also be a catalyst.


Irregular cycle

Potential problem: elevated androgen level – also a clinical sign of PCOS

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone (androgen), but women also have a low concentration of it. One of the most frequent symptoms of PCOS is an irregular cycle. An excess of male hormones additionally leads to external concomitant effects such as overweight, increased hairiness, acne or hair loss.

Solution to the problem:

  • Bringing the cycle into rhythm
  • Physiological balance of the sex hormones
  • Reduction of the androgen level to within the normal range

PROfertil® female provides support with:

  • Glycyrrhizin (from licorice extract)
  • Vitamin E
  • Omega-3 fatty acids