PROfertil® female Study Results

Outcome parameters:

1) embryo quality on day 3 after oocyte retrieval (good quality vs. poor quality) and clinical pregnancy rate.
2) clinical pregnancy rate.


In an intention-to-treat analyses, a higher rate of women with at least one good quality embryo (with at least 6 cells and a fragmentation rate <20%) were found for the study (29/50, 58.0%) compared to the control group (18/50, 36.0%; p = 0.045 in chi-square test; relative risk 1.611, 95% CI 1.009–2.597).


Profertil® female supplementation, given for a minimum of 28 days prior to ovarian hyperstimulation, is beneficial in terms of fertilization rate and embryo quality.

Practical Benefits:

After minimum intake duration, prior to ovarian stimulation, and with no side effects, Profertil® female may:

  • significantly increase fertilization rate in comparison to folic acid alone,
  • significantly increase embryo quality in comparison to folic acid alone, and
  • improve clinical pregnancy rate in comparison to folic acid alone.

PROfertil® female enhances the fertilization rate.


PROfertil® female improves embryo quality.


PROfertil® female increases the likelihood of a clinical pregnancy.